About us

Origin Story

The past of UKHotty was brief, but dramatic. In early 2005, every fan of Hannah was excited to learn about the up-and-coming Hannah and Luke site, run by aStro3x. The news spread far and wide, eventually reaching Hannah's school and parents, who saw to ending all of our hopes and dreams for a sexy future filled with Hannah's exploits! aStro3x was left to figure out what had happened and eventually he closed the site.

The Buxom Present

Leaping forward to 2019, aStro3x finally let go of the domain and Hannah's breasts have filled up with all of the warm, wet desires of her fans! Over the years, sites dedicated to Hannah have come and gone, but the fans remain. Until now, Hannah-Amateur was the only hold out, but the site has derailed from its origins, due to Hannah-induced uber drama. Here at UKHotty, we aim to bring you a taste of that glorious past, with a mega dose of the buxom present!